Drinking Water Containers – The Shocking Facts About Plastic Bottled Water

The best choice for drinking water containers is glass, but of course sometimes that might seem impractical. And, at other times, you might want a drinking water container that also acts as a filter. That’s particularly a good idea when you are traveling. But, here, together with https://paperleaf.ca/physics/, we will focus on why glass is better.

First of all, there is taste. If it tastes better, you are more likely to consume more. That is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. You may not realize the difference unless you try it, but plastic drinking containers affect both odor and taste.
Next, there is safety. If you use a home filtration system, it’s because you want to remove hazardous chemicals and pollutants that normally flow through the tap. The average plastic container is made of polycarbonate, a polymer akin to plastic, but stronger and harder to break.

One of the compounds used to make polycarbonate is bisphenol A, commonly abbreviated BPA. As it sits in water containers made of this material, BPA seeps into the liquid, affecting both the taste and the purity.

BPA was suspected of being hazardous to humans in the 1930s, but no appropriate replacement for the compound has been found, so it is still in use. Since the seepage is slight, most people felt it was safe, until recent research revealed that small amounts ingested regularly over a period of time will have the same effect as ingesting a large amount. In other words, it’s probably okay to use a plastic or polycarbonate on rare occasions, when the situation calls for it, but on a daily basis, you should avoid their use.

You see, once ingested BPA acts like the hormone estrogen, disrupting the function and production of your own hormones. The function of the endocrine system, which includes the thyroid and other glands, are also disrupted.

This can cause serious symptoms that are difficult to understand in children, ranging from irritability to permanent changes in the genital tract. If you have kids, the safest choice is to use impact-resistant glass for their juices and formulas.

While this is a controversial subject, with industries proclaiming its safety and health organizations looking for bans, what’s the point of taking the risk? In adults, BPA has been linked to an increased risk of breast and prostate cancer.

The chemical is used to line the cans that hold food products, among other things. The CDC decided to do some testing in 2004. They found that the chemical was present in 95% of sampled adults. It may be hard to avoid completely, but you can get a drinking water container that does not contain BPA.

This is the latest problem associated with plastic containers, but it’s not the only one. Phthalates also contaminate liquids stored in bottles made of the polymers. While not as dangerous as the other chemical, it has similar effects on the human body and the safety of exposure has been questioned repeatedly.

Now, you understand why I say that glass drinking water containers are the best choice. Always put your health first.

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